Our training programs are customized for each client and dog based on their goals.  We specialize in making quality hunting companions for both upland and waterfowl hunters. Our programs are set up to develop a true working hunting dog, which will work with his/her owner to make hunting an enjoyable experience. In addition to creating quality hunting dogs we can also train other breeds in basic to advanced obedience work.

Foundation Puppy Program (6 weeks, $600):This program is aimed at younger dogs/puppies ages 4-7 months old- this program gives them the head start they need for training as they mature. This program is customized based on the age and needs of the dog.  Your pup will be crate trained, taught basic manners, and puppy obedience.  Additionally, it will be introduced to birds, taught to play retrieve, introduced to water/field work, and acclimated to gunfire.  Your dog will leave with the foundation needed to begin more serious training when mature.

3 Month Gun Dog Program ($575 per month): This program is for the young/mature dog who is ready for serious training.  Your dog can be trained and become proficient in basic obedience, whistle commands, force fetch, quartering, whoa (for pointers/setters), and exposed to many birds.  During this process each bird dog is collar conditioned slowly and learns control at distances.  They will be exposed to daily field work in differing terrain (cattails, heavy cover, and water).  Waterfowl dogs will receive additional water training with decoys, marks in water, and navigating river current- weather permitting.

Obedience Program ($575 per month): This program can be started at both the puppy and adult age.  This program can be customized for each breed and is not limited to gun/bird dogs.  All breeds are welcomed and will learn basic to advanced obedience depending on the owners goals.  Our professional handlers can help you obtain obedience titles at different levels.

All programs require appointments for progress visits and check-ins and the first appointment is recommended after 3 weeks of training.

Private Training Sessions ($35 per hour): Private training sessions are available upon request.  We find these short sessions really benefit owner's with new puppies who need to the know the basics to get their dogs started in the right direction.  These sessions also help a problem behavior or can maintain a finished dog and polish the handler.  Short sessions are also available for obedience work and fixing bad behavior.

Training While Boarding ($30 per day): A great time to tune up a finished dog or get a young dog started.  All training dogs get additional obedience and field work in addition to boarding.

Obedience Sessions ($35 per hour): This is a great way to work with a professional and do some training on your own.  Weekly obedience lessons are conducted with appointments and then the owners can go home and work on concepts through the next week.

HRC Hunt Test, Sterling, CO. August 10-11, 2013

HRC Hunt Test, Sterling, CO. August 10-11, 2013